Nail Stickers


No drying time. Lasts up to 14 days. Three – dangerous – chemicals free. Perfect designs. Cheap

These are the qualities we hope and look for when we book a nail appointment or try DIY nail polish at home.

We always hope that the drying time would be faster. We always curse the thirty minutes that we have to endure just to let our nails dry under a nail drier. Well, at least this is the case for normal nail polish manicures. I hate it and I know that a lot of you do too, especially those who have other things to do. Sometimes, we even get furious when we leave the salon and we accidentally damage our newly polished nails. This happens because, unfortunately, thirty minutes under a drier doesn’t perfectly dry our nail polishes. To make things worse, the polish that we paid for only lasted three days after being promised that it will last at least a week. It might be caused by a lot of possible factors, however, you cannot accept the fact that you spent 200 Pesos (or more) and 2 hours just to make your nails presentable when talking to clients yet there it was making your nails look worse.

I know!

I feel you! We’ve all been there. We’ve all grieved and cursed those unlucky days. But don’t worry! Superman is here to save the day—not. LOL. For us ladies, we don’t need Superman. We don’t need any man. Unless they are ones who can clean our nails and give us one of the best manicures evaaaa~~. So who do we need? Or rather WHAT do we need? We need… drum roll please *drum roll fx*…. NAIL STICKERS.

Yes! Nail Stickers! Now, some of you might have heard about these. It is also known as Nail Patches or Nail Foils. This product is very helpful and has a lot of advantages. Some of you might have already tried it and loved it.

One interesting fact that I just have to share with you guys is an experience that my sister had. See that photo above? That’s my sister’s. She did a great job with the wine there too, right? Great job sissy! Mwuah :* . So anyway, there was a time when my sister had to attend a Christmas dinner. It wasn’t really planned so she was unprepared. Her nails weren’t really in the right state to be shown off in a conversation. To make things worse, she didn’t have the time to visit a salon that would magically make her nails shine bright like a diamond *insert Rihanna’s music here*. I know! It’s a nightmare!! When she was about to go out and face a dreadful nightmare, to her luck, her fairy godnail-sticker appeared just in time. She saw a nail sticker in her bag, quickly took it out and applied it on her nails. Tada! Instant perfect nails ready for take out! It’s like magic.

Now that, my friends, is a real fairy tale. What can we learn from this story?

Nail stickers can be life savers.

Nail polish and Nail sticker comparison. Top: Newly applied nail polish, Bottom: 1 week old nail stickers

Another thing that makes nail stickers so –excuse the word—friggin awesome is the various design choices. And for my ladies out there who are a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to design details, this product will definitely make you scream out of happiness because the designs are just perfect! Kyaaaaa!  I know, right?!

For women like me who are very particular about the dangers of some of the chemicals in nail polishes, nail sticker will be a great choice. It does not contain the three, most talked about, chemicals which were included in the formulation of nail lacquers years ago and are still being used by some companies. So ladies, be very careful of the polishes that you buy. Since the nail sticker is safe from the dangerous chemicals, mommies, —yes, I’m talkin to my pretty mommas out there—this will be a good substitute for the nail polishes you use when bonding with your cutie patooties. The kids will love it too since there are a lot of cute designs. Lovin’ it yet?

There is, however, a downside to this product. Not all nail stickers are made out of good quality. There are some that are printed too thickly making it easier to be peeled off. So for you to be able to enjoy the full two weeks promised by nail stickers, it will be better to search for the best ones. It might take time but I promise you, it will be worth it. Also, take note that expensive doesn’t always mean better. There are some known brands that sell expensive nail stickers with mediocre qualities. On the other hand, there are those small companies or individual sellers who sell cheap nail stickers with really good qualities. Life has taught us time and again: Do not buy the brand. Buy the quality.

So girls, I advise that you try these babies, have fun, and rock those nails.

Like I always say: Even the Smallest Detail can Matter. 

And girls, Your nails definitely matter.

If you are in Baguio City and want to try out these nail stickers, I still have some in stock and I’m selling it for an extremely cheap price. Branded ones sometimes sell these products for 200 PHP or more. Since you are my girls and as a thank you for reading this blog, you can buy it from me for only 70 PHP. You can hit me up on the Facebook page I post at the end of my blogs. Message me now for the design choices and experience a whole new definition of fab nails. I give discounts if you buy a lot too. 😉 It can be your gift to loved ones or friends who are fond of their nails. Just in time for the holidays! :*

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