Cuticle Oil for Strong and Healthy Nails

“Are those real nails or fake nails?

This is a question I’ve been asked for more than 50 times in two years. And before we proceed, let me just answer it for you guys once more: Yes, darlings, those are 100% real nails.







A lot of people have been asking me how I manage my naturally long nails. They would also follow it up with: “How can they not break? Mine break so easily.” Some also ask awkward questions like :

“How do you pick your nose?” or “How do you wipe your ass?”

Seriously? Three words. TISSUE and SKILL. Hahahaha

Also, some people say something like “You don’t wash dishes/ clothes or do house chores, do you? “I somewhat find this insulting mostly because it doesn’t sound like a question when they say it . Well, it might be difficult to believe but people with long nails are able to do all the things that short nailed people do without any problems. It just takes getting used to the nails and having nails that are as strong as a rock. >0<

But how exactly can we ensure that our nails are strong enough to endure all the chores you put them through?

Washing dishes, doing laundry, and all other activities that involves water contribute to weak nails. Most people don’t grow their nails, not even 1 cm long, because their nails break so easily during house chores. This occurrence makes people believe that individuals who do a lot of chores cannot have long nails and those who have long nails don’t work much around the house or don’t do anything in the house at all. It’s time to change that belief.

So is it really possible to have long gorgeous nails and still rock in all the house chores? The answer is:


You don’t have to go to a salon to achieve strong and healthy nails. Cause, come on, we all know how expensive salons can be and sometimes, especially in the Philippines, nail technicians lack the proper knowledge. Also, it would be expensive as you won’t achieve your goal in just one session. You’ll have to go there everyday. Hahaha. You only need one ingredient to make this possible. You can buy this on your own and would save lots of money and time. So, are you ready? Ready???? OK!

*drum roll fx* Introducing  …. The great… The almighty… The undefeated… And the all time winner……………

!!! CUTICLE OIL  !!!


NSI Nurture Oil

What is a Cuticle Oil 

Cuticle oil has been used by nail professionals and has already been tested and proven to give a lot of benefits.The real purpose of a cuticle oil is to make your nails healthy. Your nails becoming strong is only one of the many positive side effects of having healthy nails.

The oil also acts as a moisturizer to keep the skin around your nails from being dry. We all know that dry skin never looks good. It’s true even for your nails. Just imagine having a newly polished set of nails with beautiful designs and gems but with dry skin surrounding it. Wouldn’t that make your nails look awful? Your dry skin will take all the attention.

The cuticle oil is composed of a lot of natural oils like Sunflower oil, Jojoba Oil, and Grapeseed oil. It also contains Vitamin C and E. Take note that not all brands contain the same ingredients but they work in similar ways. Each ingredient does different things so if a cuticle oil brand has a different set of ingredients from another, there might be some benefits from the former that the latter couldn’t produce. So to find the right cuticle oil for you, it would be best to do your own research.

I use NSI’s Nurture oil. This product has done wonders for me. I have tried other brands but they are too expensive. This brand does more than the job for me. It has helped bring back the color of my nails after acquiring a yellow stain from a low quality base coat. I’m not sure about other brands but I’ll definitely stick to this brand.

When Should Cuticle Oil Be Used?

Distributing two drops of oil on 5 fingers is enough every time you use it. I recommend that you use it before/after the ff:

tin extension

Cuticle oil on extensions

  1. After nail polish application or nail extension application;
  2. Before and After removing polish (If you do not wish to clean or apply polish);
  3. After cleaning (If you do not wish to apply polish);
  4. After any activity that involves the finger nails to be in contact with water for a long period of time like washing the dishes, doing laundry, or taking a shower/bath; and,
  5. Before and after soaking your nails in acetone (when removing gel polish or nail extensions).

Applying cuticle oil before or after the above activities would ensure that your nails will receive minimal to no damage. It would also be best to apply the oil at least twice a day even if you won’t be doing any of the above-mentioned.

I’ve sold cuticle oils to customers before and gave it as a gift to some family members and friends. Surely enough, they were satisfied and wanted more. I’ve had customer who had brittle nails but after trying the oil, their nails became stronger. They were quite surprised but, of course, satisfied.

Don’t be one of those people who keep on complaining about having weak nails. Do something about it. If not now, when? Remember what I always say:

‘Even the Smallest Detail can Matter’

I still have some cuticle oils left in stock so if you would want to purchase some, you can message me on Facebook.

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Hi guys! I am soooooo sorry that it took me a while to write this and for being so slow in updating my blogs. I’ve been having some problems with my connection lately so it has been difficult to post my blogs, but worry not! I now have a more stable connection (welcome to the Philippines) and I will be able to regularly update you guys. So let’s get it on, shall we? 😀

** If you haven’t read part one and part two then I would suggest you do as you might not be able to follow the contents of this blog.**

We ended up with the possible lineup of hearings in a small claims court. Now, let us continue our journey!… to information!… hurrah! Hurrah! >o<

After the judge who’s in charge of my case heard all of the criminal cases, which for your information really took a lot of time, he went inside the office and let his people, the sheriff and the bailiff, handle the civil cases. Most of it were collection of sum of money, including mine. The most important thing and the only thing that matters when it comes to collection of sum of money is that both parties compromise and have an agreement. If, after the trusted people of the judge talked to the parties, there’s no agreement formed, that’s the time the judge will talk to them.

As for my case, it was the sheriff who handled us and a compromise agreement was formed. Let me repeat what I said in part 1 of my small claims blog:

“No one gets imprisoned from debt.”

If you are expecting or wanting your debtor to get jailed then I assure you that you will fail. However, if your debtor is not willing to pay then a writ of execution or other forced mode payments will probably be executed by the sheriff. I read online that holding wages in the bank is possible.

If your debtor says s/he is willing to pay and both parties settle with an agreement, the sheriff will write and print the conditions for you. Remember to add the filing fee you paid when you filed the case to the amount that you agreed upon. So say, for example, he agreed to pay you a total of 30,000 Philippine Peso and your filing fee is 4,000 PHP, You should make him pay 34,000 PHP. If you only put in 30,000 PHP then it’s like he will only pay you 26,000 PHP. The debtor usually carries or pays back the filing fee the creditor or collector spent. It is usually the case for any lawsuit.

What if the debtor doesn’t abide by the agreements/ conditions? Don’t worry! Be happy! There’s still a ray of hope if ever your debtor misses a payment or breaks any of the conditions written in your compromise agreement. A writ of execution will be executed by the sheriff, just like I said above.

What is a writ of execution?

A writ of execution means that the sheriff will be given the authorization to collect any or all of the properties of the debtor. He will then auction it and use the money collected to pay the debtor’s debt to you.

It will be better to specify everything in the compromise agreement you’ll be making. Make sure to specify exact date of payment, mode of payment, and place of payment, if possible, especially for installments. The person who owes me always used pity to get her way. She would always act as if she didn’t do anything wrong and she always gave excuses and made her personal problem mine. Yes guys, if you were in my situation, you’d be losing your brains too. That’s the problem with our society sometimes ,right? They always favor those who look pitiful, even if those people are just faking it. So stating specifics would be important. Trust me on this one. I’ve said “trust me” in almost all of my blogs so basically just trust me. Hahaha. Back to the topic— Stating specifics will somewhat decrease the level of doubt you are having or you will be having with regards to the payment of debt to you.

After the compromise agreement has been finalized then all you need to do is to wait. There a lot of possible situations that can result to non-payment of debt to you. I will keep it to myself for the debtors (sorry guys) to not take advantage.

Just be patient and wait.

I hope I was able to help you in some way.Please take note that this blog was written based on my experience only. Basing it from the nature of my case which was “collection of sum of money”. For other civil cases, I don’t think I’ll be able to help that much. The most powerful thing is research and asking the right people.

Please keep in mind that Estafa is different from Payment of Debt. Don’t get the two mixed up. If you are not sure then ask an expert, meaning a lawyer.

If you have questions regarding small claims for “collection of sum of money” tho, I can answer them and help you in the best way I can. Good day guys! See you on my next blog! 😀

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After all the time, money, and effort you spent and exerted, your case will finally be heard by a judge. Like I said in the first part of this blog, SMALL CLAIMS IN THE PHILIPPINES, upon submission of your case to the office, your case and all the other cases filed by other people will be put into a raffle to find out which branch will handle it. You’ll be informed about the branch when you are called back in the office to receive the “Notice of Hearing.” The date and time of the hearing is included in the said document.

On the day of your hearing, make sure to be on time. The judge handling my case was sometimes late. However, just because the judge is late doesn’t mean you can also be late. You are not always sure how many minutes the judge will be late for. Also it’s always better to be on time for any appointment you might have. My case schedule was at 8 am. So as much as I wanted to extend my beauty sleep, I had to wake up early to avoid jeepney queues and, most especially, traffic.

The time indicated on the Notice of Hearing they give you is probably the same time written on the documents of all the other cases that will be heard together with yours. It will be numbered just like the picture below.

So you just have to wait for your turn, which I can say, can take a minute to 4 hours. Possibly more. So be patient. You should practice patience at home if you’re not the patient type. You can . Keep calm, breathe, and enjoy the show… I mean, the case hearings before yours. Remember the saying “Good things happen to those who are patient.”… or was it “to those who wait”? Well, it has the same meaning anyway. Haha. So do not lose your cool. I repeat DO NOT LOSE YOUR COOL.

In case you are wondering, “Peo” here means “People of the Philippines”. It is usually used or seen in criminal cases. I just had to share this as this abbreviation almost gave me a heart attack on the day my case was finally heard. Please. Don’t ask. My heart goes “dudugs, dudugs” (“thump, thump”- Filipino version, in case you didn’t get it hahaha) every time I remember that day. I was confused as to what “Peo”meant and how it was related to my case. I searched online to check what it meant and what came out was “Professional Employer Organization”. I didn’t see how the said organization was connected to case I filed. I was in major panic thinking of a possible reason I could be filed a case on. I almost cried. When I heard what it meant, I had a hint that it was a typo. I WAS PRAYING that it be a typo. I calmed down a bit. My sister and bf helped a lot. Support from friends and family is very important guys. I realized it that time hahaha. And when my name and the other party’s name was called, I was able to confirm that it was a typo. I shouted “Hallelujah!! Praise the Lord! God loves me! OMG! O-M-G!” in my mind. It was like there was a ray of light from above. You may think that I’m being too dramatic but that was seriously how i felt that time. LMAO

Well, would you look at that, I shared my story after all. Right after I told you not to ask. Hahaha. Okay, let’s go back to our discussion…

Make sure to dress appropriately. In Baguio, Sleeveless tops/ dresses are not allowed. So you have to check if your place has the same rule. From what I read, other countries wear formal or semi-casual clothes during small claims hearings. All the videos and articles I watched and read about small claims in other countries say that presenting yourself properly is very important. So I did what they suggested: to dress nicely. I felt weird tho on the day of my first scheduled hearing. It seemed like I was a bit overdressed because I was wearing a semi casual dress while all the other people were wearing normal day to day clothes. And there I discovered that here in the Philippines, most people don’t give a dang about formality. It might depend on each place tho. But it will be better to wear a semi casual outfit just in case. So that if other people in the courtroom are wearing the same then you would be safe. And if ever they aren’t, you would still be safe. Being in the middle is safe. Hahaha

Arriving too early if you have the same schedule as I did will kind of have a disadvantage. Well, at least that’s what happened to me. They won’t let you enter earlier than 8 am unless you are an employee. But if you do arrive early and haven’t had your breakfast yet before going to the place, then it’s better to go find a store where you can buy some snacks. It’s not good to go to your hearing with an empty stomach. Why? Well, you can think clearer and focus more on your case when your stomach is not growling. Trust me, if you are lined up 2nd or 3rd to the last, you’d be thankful you ate. If you can eat a full breakfast, then that would be so much better.

Criminal cases might be scheduled together with civil cases. So if there are criminal cases on the same day and time frame, the judge will hear the criminal cases first. I observed that the judge first hears cases that involves lawyers. Criminal cases usually take up more time than civil cases. On my part, I found it quite interesting to listen to the lawyers defend their clients. There were some who were already spouting nonsense but still kept on going and even repeating their nonsensical argument. I am not a lawyer but I do know if someone is in the wrong. Even the judge himself was shaking his head and smiling from ear to ear. I thought he was gonna crack. Glad he didn’t and I sure am glad the judge who handled my case and those other cases had a good sense of humor. Hahaha.  Also, for me, it is quite interesting to witness cases because you learn a lot from it too.

Well, I will end this part here as I feel like it’s too long, and you are getting bored. LOL. I will be uploading the 3rd and last part shortly. Meanwhile:

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Ready to read the third part? Click here: SMALL CLAIMS IN THE PHILIPPINES PART 3

The Philippines: A Paradise- Bohol

When we hear “Bohol,” the first thing that comes to mind is it’s famous Chocolate Hills. It has been said the hills turn into a chocolatey color during rainy seasons hence the name. However, there is more to Bohol than it’s famous hills. Keep reading as I share with you my short but awesome trip to Bohol with the love of my life. 🙂

Going to Bohol

Before getting to Bohol we had to fly from NAIA Terminal 4 in Manila to Mactan Cebu International Airport. The flight took approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Upon arrival, we immediately went out of the airport and booked a cab from Grab. Grab has a promo code posted in the airport and you’ll be able to see it as you make your way to the exit. We always used Grab in places that have it since we weren’t familiar with the places and wanted to minimize possible risks from riding in cabs. While waiting for the cab, of course, we had to take a…. SELFIE!! Since we are a couple, I made up a more apt term— COUPFIE (Couple+Selfie). It kinda sounds like coffee. Hahaha. I know. It’s lame. But sometimes lame jokes and/or ideas make people laugh. LAUGH! PLEASE!! Hahaha  😀

Mactan Cebu International Airport Domestic Arrival

We asked the cab driver to take us to Pier 1, where Ocean Jet is.To get to Bohol Island, you need to ride a fast ferry. There are a number of companies that offer fast ferry rides on different schedules. You should research in advance for the ferry schedules to make sure that you’ll be able to get the one that works best with your itinerary. Doing so will also remove the hassle of traveling from pier to pier just to check which company offers the best schedule for you. The pier you depart from depends on the company you choose. Click on this link to check the fast ferry  schedules.

We bought tickets to Tagbilaran, Bohol for 500 PHP each before getting inside the Port. We went there during the low season – that’s why the price of the tickets were lower. It can go up to 800 PHP during peak seasons. You will be asked to write down some basic information before they process your ticket. Just like any other port, terminal fees are required to be paid. We paid 20 PHP each for the terminal fee inside the building. Ocean Jet also has the option of checking in baggage. I wasn’t able to ask about it as we were in a hurry and we didn’t check our bags in but I believe that service is offered for a fee. We wanted to catch a certain ferry on the schedule; that’s why we were running around like minions during the whole process, which was hard with my tiny legs.

Ferry Tickets to Tagbilaran

I’m sorry for my dirty nail. I never had the time to clean it from all the traveling. Hahahaha. After a tiring cardio-like exercise, we finally got inside the ferry and sat on our seats. And to reward myself, I mean, ourselves, for trying to be fit with all the running and rushing, we bought some snacks and enjoyed the 2 hour cruise to Tagbilaran.

Arriving in Tagbilaran

We rode a cab to Loboc River Resort. Grab is not yet available in the place so we had no choice but to negotiate with the available rides outside the port. If you did not arrange a pick up service with your hotel or place of accommodation, then you can choose among the cabs and tricycles that are lined up outside. The tricycles were charging 300 PHP to Loboc River Resort. The cab barker was charging us double the price of the tricycle, so 600 PHP. It was too hot outside so we just settled with the cab. When we entered the cab, the driver told us that he will be charging us double the meter but I firmly said that the barker already agreed that we will be paying 600 PHP flat. The driver just agreed with us. If the same thing happens to you, make sure that you will stand your ground and not let yourself be bullied and taken advantaged of.

When we arrived at the river resort, the meter was over 400 PHP, so it’s a good thing that we negotiated at the port first. We checked in and arranged a tour with the resort. They suggested that we get the check out tour package since we will be checking out the next day anyway and it would be less of a hassle for us.

The check out tour package included the Man-made Mahogany Forest, the Tarsier Sanctuary, Bohol Hills, a small Animal Sanctuary, the Butterfly Garden, River Cruise, and a drive back to the Pier. The tour was supposed to include the Blood Compact statue and the Baclayon Chruch but we decided to skip last the two as we were short in time.

Loboc River Resort 



This place is wonderful. The staff were very nice. They smiled a lot and they really made us feel welcome. We got a standard room with a river view. The room was spacious and cozy. It had a balcony too.  It was raining when we got there so we just stayed in the room and ordered room service. The food… OH MY GOSH. The food was to die for. Their dessert was divine and heavenly. If we had stayed there for more than one night, I would’ve gotten big as an air balloon and would’ve rolled down the chocolate hills. Hahaha.

Bohol Day Tour

The next day we had our complimentary breakfast in the resort’s restaurant, put our bags in the back of the car, and started our tour. Our first stop was the Man-made forest. It was absolutely mesmerizing. The tall mahogany trees and the story behind them. We were told that the trees were planted by students during the Marcos Regime. So the trees are still quite young. It is not encouraged to hike in the forest. They seldom allow it and only if you’re with a guide. Europeans are usually the ones who trek the forest, said our driver/ guide.

I’m half human and half tarsier


Our next stop was the Tarsier Sanctuary. My home. Did I mention that I’m a tarsier? Viva big eyes! hahaha. Our driver said that there two sanctuaries there but we just went to the nearest one. There weren’t many tarsiers in the sanctuary we went to. There were probably less than ten. Even so, it was still fun seeing the cute tiny creatures. The guests are asked to be very quiet while walking around the sanctuary. This is to avoid stressing out the tarsiers. Tarsiers are extremely sensitive so please observe silence while roaming around and taking pictures. At first, I thought the tarsiers were not real as the first two we saw weren’t moving. I was thinking that the sanctuary was faking the tarsiers. Haha. But the next ones move, OH SO SLOWLY. I didn’t know they move so slowly. Hahaha. I’ve never seen a tarsier before and I’ve never really done my research about them. I just learnt about how sensitive they are from my logistics instructor in college. Hi sir!

After taking pictures of one of the most adorable creatures in the planet, we headed out to see the famous chocolate hills of the Island. To capture a better view of the hills, you first need to climb a flight of stairs. It was like hiking the Banaue Rice Terraces part two! And just like reaching our destination in Banaue, reaching the top of the stairs was also worth every torture and pain on our legs. Hahaha. There’s a telescope at the top to help you check out the chocolate hills closely. I wasn’t able to try it tho because I’m too small. That was one of the moments I hated my height.

We continued our tour by quickly stopping by a small animal sanctuary. They had a few animals inside different cages. There was a porcupine, an eagle, a bear cat, another type of cat (I forgot the name), a python, and a bird (I forgot the name again. lol). They made us hold the bird and python. I was too scared of the python and the bird surprised me a lot – that’s why i wasn’t able to take a picture with it. I think the bird was a female cause it somewhat hated me but liked my boyfriend. -_-

Before we proceeded to the floating restaurant/ river cruise where we had our lunch, we first went around the beautiful Butterfly Garden. The tour inside became really fun because of our tour guide. He took great pictures of us too. We learned a few things about the lives of butterflies and moths. It was a short but awesome tour.

That look tho. Awesome trick too!

Our last stop for the day was the river cruise or floating restaurant. The restaurant will be cruising while the guests are eating. However, eating before the boat leaves is not prohibited. You can eat before the cruise and while the cruise is ongoing. I thought it would just be plain cruising but all the guests were surprised when the boat stopped by a cottage where a group of local people showed us a marvelous performance. They sang and danced and even let some guests dance with them (me included!)

That “kunwari stolen” photo

After the cruise, we headed straight to the port and bought tickets back to Cebu. Sad as it was, it was time to leave that wonderful island and head out to more adventures in the other islands of the Philippines, experience more things, see more places, and create more memories!

Update: Direct flights to Tagbilaran are already available. Sad for us, but lucky for you!

Next stop, Puerto Princesa!

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Small Claims in the Philippines

**This topic is intended to be shared to legal-aged readers. If you are under-aged, kindly discontinue reading unless you are with an adult who’s able to give you proper guidance in this matter. **

I have recently been thru a small claims case here in the Philippines. Don’t worry guys, I didn’t do anything wrong to anybody. Instead, I was the one who was wronged. So you are safe with me. 😉

Let us not dig into my story cause I know that it will either bore you to death or kill you from excitement. Either way, it will still kill you and you’ll end up dead. Haha

I’m sorry for being a bit morbid and for talking about deaths, I’ve been watching ElementaryBlacklist, and The Walking Dead lately and it’s affecting me. *Yikes!*

Let’s go back to our main topic for today…

A lot of us have entertained the thought of suing someone at least once in our lives. It may be a friend or acquaintance who owed you money, a tenant who didn’t pay his lease, a landlord who didn’t give back your security deposit, or any other situation you’ve been in which involves the collection of a certain sum of money. Many of us dismiss the thought since we can already foresee the cost it will bring in our pockets. It is a well-known fact that lawyers are not cheap. The money you will be spending on a lawyer might even be higher than the amount you are supposed to collect from the person who owes you. So, who in their right mind would do that, right? Unless you are a person who has money to spend. If so, then please adopt me *puppy eyes*. >0< LOL, I’m kidding.

Luckily, for people like me who are both sane not to spend on lawyers more than the money to be collected and don’t really have much in their pockets, in short BROKE, the Small Claims Cases have been made available to the Philippines.

Just a bit of a background check…

Small claims court is a special court wherein the rules are simplified, the setting is informal,  the process is easier and faster, disputes are resolved quickly ( State of California, DCA), and… for the best part…. CHEAP.

This special court was finally implemented in the Philippines on March 2010 and, after seeing a high success rate, an improved and revised rules of procedure was enacted on February 2016 (Republic of the Philippines Supreme Court, Manila).


So here are the steps that you must follow before and during the filing of your case.

  1. When trying to resolve the situation with the person who owes you money fails, go to their barangay and try resolving it there. Agreements will be formed and signed by the parties and the witnesses, the barangay officials.
  2. After the other party fails to deliver, which then breaks the agreement formed in the barangay, ask the officials for a Certificate to File Action. The Certificate to File Action is a document that will certify that you tried to resolve the issue on your own and with the barangay first before filing the case to the court.
  3. Collect all documents you have which are related to the case and can be used as proof. This will strengthen your chance to win and would make it easier for the judge to understand your story. Remember, the court always base its judgement on the evidence you show them. So bring all documents like receipts, letters, contracts, pictures of conversations, and the Certificate to File Action. Make sure to bring the original copies when you file your case.
  4. Fill in Form-1-SCC and Form-1-A-SCC. There is a form available online but you can also get a copy from the municipal trial court. Small claims cases are usually held in your municipality’s trial court. As for me, I went to the window which processes small claims cases. This will actually do you good as you can ask questions or clarify whatever concerns you may have.
  5. After filling up the forms, photocopy it and the other documents that you will be passing for evidence. Complete copies for the judge and the person you will be filing a case on. If you have multiple people to file a case on, provide a set of copies for each one. The original copy will be your copy but they’ll be needing it so that they can certify the photocopies. Make sure to bring all the documents that you would like to use as evidence. You will not be allowed to bring additional evidence to the court upon the day of your trial.
  6. After you have completed all the copies for the documents needed, file your case at the small claims window of your municipality’s trial court. You will need to pay a fee for it. I think the amount will depend on the money you will be collecting. I would suggest that you ask them first.
  7. After filing and paying, the staff will give you your copy. You will have to wait for the announcement on which branch or judge will hear your case. They use a draw lots method to identify which case goes to which branch. I believe that this is to avoid the use of connections if ever you or the person you’ll be filing a case on knows the judge of a certain branch. You will then wait for the sheriff to give you a Notice of Hearing. The sheriff will also be sending a Notice of Hearing, Summon, and copy of the evidences you passed to the other party.

Things to take note:

  1. Terms:

Plaintiff- The person filing the case

Defendant- The person being filed a complaint on.

  1. One mistake I did when I passed the documents I have for evidence is that I printed a timeline of the events that happened. DO NOT DO THIS. I forgot that all the evidence I submitted will also be seen by the defendant. Both parties are given a month before the trial to review the evidences. Therefore, doing this would get rid of your leverage.
  2. Your case will be heard at least 30 days after you have filed it. It is highly encouraged that you seek the help of an advisor before the trial. Ask all the questions you have like how to handle the case, how to present your side, and what will be the best options for you to be able to get your money back.
  3. Make sure to put the address of the defendant where you know s/he can surely be found. If you don’t, and the sheriff wasn’t able to locate the defendant on the address you have given, you will be asked to serve the notice on your own and your case will be moved to another day or month/s. This will postpone everything and you would have to wait again.
  4. Do not expect that you will be able to collect anything immediately.

Well guys, I hope this helps you. I will be posting another blog on how to prepare for your small claims trial and what happens inside the court and probably after.

Remember our motto? Even the Smallest Detail can Matter.

This doesn’t only apply to our nails but also to our everyday lives, especially to court cases. 😉




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The Philippines: A Paradise- Ifugao

I have been posting a lot about nails lately and have not really filled up the other categories of my blog. So here I am guys, writing about the adventure I had. I also wanted to apologize for not being able to post some blogs recently. And to express my sincerest apology, I will give you guys…… Kisses – *Mwah Mwah Mwah Mwah Mwah* …. Grossed out? Don’t be cause I love you guys }:>
For this Philippines trip, I went around with a special someone. Yes, he’s a guy. I know guys, thank you for your applause and congratulations. Woohoo! Relationship Goals! Haha.

Ifugao… is a marvelous place.

I am not saying this because my mom is from there and I’m proud to be a cordilleran but because the famous Banaue Rice Terraces are indeed breathtaking. I have been visiting Ifugao since I was young and, up until now, it still amazes me.

Before we could reach Hunduan, we first had to travel from Baguio to Banaue, Ifugao. Traveling from Baguio to Banaue is quite fun but not if you are not used to curvy roads. What’s that? You are saying you are ok with even 15 mins of curvy roads? Oh honey, I am not talking about 15 mins but 3 hours of curvy roads. Oh don’t be scared. It’s nothing. It’s fun! Especially if you take the public van like us and the van doesn’t have that much passengers. The most fun part is when your driver drives like a maniac given those curvy roads. Hahaha. Now, now. I’m not scaring you. I just want to suggest that before you take the trip–

Take some motion sickness pills.

If there are men reading this, PLEASE, don’t think that you are so macho that you don’t need the pills. Swallow your pride and take it. Unless… I think you know what the unless part is :p . Guys and girls, bring plastic bags too just in case. 😉

The travel time from Baguio to Banaue is normally 6 hours. If there are no traffics along the way and/or your driver speeds like ours, then you’ll be able to reach Banaue for only 5 hours. We paid a 300+ PHP fee for the van. The bus will be about the same. If you want to take the bus, kindly check with the bus schedules with the ticketing office. When we went there at 8 am, on the day of our trip, to ask them if they had a bus leaving at around that time, the staff told us that they only had the 9:30 pm bus scheduled for that day. If you want to take the night trip bus then you can go to the Ohayami bus station near Andok’s burnham. Luckily, there were vans going to our destination so we just took one. When you get to Banaue, you can check in at the Inn or hotel that you booked. I don’t think there are hotels after Banaue. As for us, we went straight to Hapao, Hunduan since I have a relative there (lots actually). You can ride a jeep going there. If you took the bus and want to go straight to see the terraces but don’t know where the jeep terminal is, you can ask around. If you took the van then you could just tell the van to drop you off at the jeep terminal. You could also hire a tricycle to take you there. However, it may be a bit more expensive, especially if you are a foreigner, so I would suggest that you just negotiate with the tricycle driver to drive you around for a fee.

If you want to walk around the terraces or maybe hike to the famous Bogyah hot springs, it would be better to have a local guide you.

The paths can be very confusing and I don’t think Google Maps or any map can help you.

If I am not mistaken, there are locals who offer tour services. There’s a high chance that your tour guide will also be able to give you fun facts. Sadly, I won’t be able to give you any information on how much it would cost as I haven’t been able to ask and we had personal tour guides…my relatives.

A few minutes after arriving at my cousin’s place, where we stayed, we tried climbing the betel nut trees planted in front of the house. Those trees are still young and so they are not that tall. For someone who is not used to climbing trees like the betel nut, coconut, or even palm trees, the “short”trees became a challenge. Guess who won? *drum roll* Me!! Bwahahahahaha…. I’m kidding. Both of us won. I was better in climbing the trees and my boyfriend was better in going down. So maybe it was a tie. 🙂


After climbing the trees, we decided to go to the river since the house is only a few feet away from it. We were planning on taking a bath there but then the water was too cold as the clouds are getting darker and the rain was just waiting to fall. I decided not to go in but my brave companion didn’t fear the cold water and so he still went in… just for 5 minutes tho. We had to head back as the rain was coming. Just a fair warning guys,

the paths in the terraces are so narrow that only one person can fit.

So it’s like a one way path walk. Be very careful when walking. Also, some of the stairs may just be rocks like the one in the picture below so be very careful. I think they have cemented most of the stairs but there are some that are not yet fixed, especially the ones going to the river.

Walking up the rock stairs from the river.

We rested for the night and woke up early in the morning to eat our breakfast. After getting ready, we started our hiking trip to my grandma’s house. My uncle was our guide. My grandma’s house was probably two to three mountains away from where we were staying. You might be thinking, why didn’t you use a car or a bike? Well, my dear friends,

Unlike the main road, there is no space for any kind of transportation in the terraces. You will have to walk if you want to reach your destination.

For people who are not good with hiking or cardio exercises, if you ever tried hiking the distance we did, you would definitely die a lot of times

but trust me when I say it is all worth it.

Going all the way up the mountains will make your trip way more rewarding than taking pictures of the terraces from the viewpoints. You will be able to see the amazing view and the magnificent work of the ancestors of one of the proud groups in the Cordillera. The beauty of the terraces crafted from the mountains will put you in awe. Just make sure you don’t drop your jaw. :>

After an hour or two of playing, my uncle and cousin butchered and cooked a chicken for lunch, old school. Most households there would have their own chickens or ducks walking around the place. In addition to that, most still use a dirty kitchen, most likely their only kitchen, to cook their meals. My uncle also made us taste the rice wine that my granny made. It was really sweet. My companion also tried chewing the famous betel nut of the Ifugaos. I tried it when I was young and I got dizzy after only a few chews but as for my beloved, not only did he not get dizzy but he also thought it tasted like beef jerky. *clap clap* Praise his taste buds. Haha. The good thing about having a personal tour guide is that they’ll be able to show you their way of living. You’ll also be able to gather more information. They will treat you like family. If you want one, maybe i can hook you up with my uncle or someone else. 😉

We waited for the rain to stop before heading back to the place where we were staying to fix our bags since we were traveling to Manila that evening. Please remember to wear non-slippery slippers or shoes during your hike, especially during rainy season. I almost died seeing my partner slip, but luckily not fall down, countless times.

I asked my cousin in Banaue to buy the tickets for us . It would be best for you to buy your tickets beforehand. Especially during peak seasons. The tickets were 450 PHP each. The only way to get to Banaue from Hunduan in the afternoon is by tricycle or private car. Jeepneys only travel to Banaue at 5:00 in the morning. We traveled by tricycle at 4 pm and paid 400 PHP. Tricycle drivers ask for more at that time because they were worried of getting home at night. When we went there, slides from the recent typhoon were still evident and it was also raining so tricycle drivers had the right to be scared and ask for more money. Plus, we didn’t really have any other choice.

The traveling time from Banaue to Manila is 10 hours. It would be best to use the Grab app when you get to the Manila terminal. There will be lots of taxi drivers ogling at you when you get off of the bus. And of course, they will be asking thrice the usual price to take you to any destination. When we were in Manila, we always used Grab. If you have Uber, then you can use that too. It is way safer and probably cheaper. This is especially true for people coming from and going to the airport.

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Nail Stickers


No drying time. Lasts up to 14 days. Three – dangerous – chemicals free. Perfect designs. Cheap

These are the qualities we hope and look for when we book a nail appointment or try DIY nail polish at home.

We always hope that the drying time would be faster. We always curse the thirty minutes that we have to endure just to let our nails dry under a nail drier. Well, at least this is the case for normal nail polish manicures. I hate it and I know that a lot of you do too, especially those who have other things to do. Sometimes, we even get furious when we leave the salon and we accidentally damage our newly polished nails. This happens because, unfortunately, thirty minutes under a drier doesn’t perfectly dry our nail polishes. To make things worse, the polish that we paid for only lasted three days after being promised that it will last at least a week. It might be caused by a lot of possible factors, however, you cannot accept the fact that you spent 200 Pesos (or more) and 2 hours just to make your nails presentable when talking to clients yet there it was making your nails look worse.

I know!

I feel you! We’ve all been there. We’ve all grieved and cursed those unlucky days. But don’t worry! Superman is here to save the day—not. LOL. For us ladies, we don’t need Superman. We don’t need any man. Unless they are ones who can clean our nails and give us one of the best manicures evaaaa~~. So who do we need? Or rather WHAT do we need? We need… drum roll please *drum roll fx*…. NAIL STICKERS.

Yes! Nail Stickers! Now, some of you might have heard about these. It is also known as Nail Patches or Nail Foils. This product is very helpful and has a lot of advantages. Some of you might have already tried it and loved it.

One interesting fact that I just have to share with you guys is an experience that my sister had. See that photo above? That’s my sister’s. She did a great job with the wine there too, right? Great job sissy! Mwuah :* . So anyway, there was a time when my sister had to attend a Christmas dinner. It wasn’t really planned so she was unprepared. Her nails weren’t really in the right state to be shown off in a conversation. To make things worse, she didn’t have the time to visit a salon that would magically make her nails shine bright like a diamond *insert Rihanna’s music here*. I know! It’s a nightmare!! When she was about to go out and face a dreadful nightmare, to her luck, her fairy godnail-sticker appeared just in time. She saw a nail sticker in her bag, quickly took it out and applied it on her nails. Tada! Instant perfect nails ready for take out! It’s like magic.

Now that, my friends, is a real fairy tale. What can we learn from this story?

Nail stickers can be life savers.

Nail polish and Nail sticker comparison. Top: Newly applied nail polish, Bottom: 1 week old nail stickers

Another thing that makes nail stickers so –excuse the word—friggin awesome is the various design choices. And for my ladies out there who are a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to design details, this product will definitely make you scream out of happiness because the designs are just perfect! Kyaaaaa!  I know, right?!

For women like me who are very particular about the dangers of some of the chemicals in nail polishes, nail sticker will be a great choice. It does not contain the three, most talked about, chemicals which were included in the formulation of nail lacquers years ago and are still being used by some companies. So ladies, be very careful of the polishes that you buy. Since the nail sticker is safe from the dangerous chemicals, mommies, —yes, I’m talkin to my pretty mommas out there—this will be a good substitute for the nail polishes you use when bonding with your cutie patooties. The kids will love it too since there are a lot of cute designs. Lovin’ it yet?

There is, however, a downside to this product. Not all nail stickers are made out of good quality. There are some that are printed too thickly making it easier to be peeled off. So for you to be able to enjoy the full two weeks promised by nail stickers, it will be better to search for the best ones. It might take time but I promise you, it will be worth it. Also, take note that expensive doesn’t always mean better. There are some known brands that sell expensive nail stickers with mediocre qualities. On the other hand, there are those small companies or individual sellers who sell cheap nail stickers with really good qualities. Life has taught us time and again: Do not buy the brand. Buy the quality.

So girls, I advise that you try these babies, have fun, and rock those nails.

Like I always say: Even the Smallest Detail can Matter. 

And girls, Your nails definitely matter.

If you are in Baguio City and want to try out these nail stickers, I still have some in stock and I’m selling it for an extremely cheap price. Branded ones sometimes sell these products for 200 PHP or more. Since you are my girls and as a thank you for reading this blog, you can buy it from me for only 70 PHP. You can hit me up on the Facebook page I post at the end of my blogs. Message me now for the design choices and experience a whole new definition of fab nails. I give discounts if you buy a lot too. 😉 It can be your gift to loved ones or friends who are fond of their nails. Just in time for the holidays! :*

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To cut or not to cut?

Howdy everyone!

As promised from my previous blog, Sterilize or nah?I will be discussing about the skin around our nails today. If you haven’t read my previous blog then you might want to read it before or after you read this blog.

Here’s a link

Now, let’s get back to business…

The traditional way of beautifying the nails and making sure that one will achieve a perfect and flawless set of manicured or pedicured nails includes cutting the skin around the nail. For those who haven’t tried this yet and are imagining it right now, OUCH right?

Here in the Philippines, it is still widely practiced. More than half of the population of the Philippines, male and female, who take nail services still allow, sometimes even insist, their technicians to cut the skin around their nails. Now, what’s my problem with this practice? Nothing, really. Except that I’m just concerned you might have incurred unwanted diseases from your technicians’ tools, especially if they are not properly sterilized. So read my blog, at the link I have posted above. Great way to advertise, right? *wink wink*

All jokes aside, it is a fact that you can contract diseases unknowingly by cutting the skin around your nails. A lot of us still believe that the skin around the nails is what we call the cuticle. THAT IS WRONG.

Is my emphasis on that statement too obvious? Yes? Good.

The thing that we call cuticle is actually what we push. That’s why we always say “Push the cuticle.” The cuticle is a thin layer of dead skin cells that grow together with our nails. Now, you might say “Oh then that’s fine, my technician only cuts the cuticle near the direction where my nails grow from.” Well then if that is the case, you are fine. BUT… Yesss, there’s a big bold “but” there… you should be careful as the “cuticle” that you think your technician is cutting might actually be skin. That teeny tiny “cuticle” around your nail that cannot be pushed alone and needs to be cut is actually skin.

Okay. To make this discussion more fun, let us play a game. Yay! Games!~~

I want you to look at the picture below and identify the parts of the nail that are pointed and numbered. I apologize in advance for the unsightly image. ROFL. Let us start! Ready? Go!

Are you done? Great job! I will give you the answers and I hope that you got them all right. For those who have not tried guessing, go back and look at the picture again. No cheating! 😉

Here are the answers:

  1. Nail Plate

    – Or for most of us, this is what we simply call the “nail”

  2. Cuticle

    – Yes. That unsightly thing there is what we call the cuticle and what we actually push. Let us zoom in on that picture to get a better look.

I know. I know. I’m sorry for this but I had to sacrifice my nails and not clean it for two weeks just to show you guys what the cuticle really looks like. That’s how much I love you. Anyway, back to the topic…. The cuticle is that extremely thin looking skin on our nails and it grows together with the nail. As it grows with our nail, it becomes less obvious and invisible to the naked eye unless we push them.

3. Proximal Nail Fold

– This is the skin that I mentioned above. The proximal nail fold is often mistaken as the cuticle and so people cut it thinking that there is no danger in getting rid of it.

Gals, it is very important to take note that the proximal nail fold has a very crucial function. It helps prevent bacteria from going inside your skin. In other words, it helps prevent any kind of bacteria or infection to go in your system. Therefore, it is imperative that you only push the cuticle until the proximal nail fold. DO NOT DIG IN THE NAIL FOLD. I put it in bold so that you would not miss that. Teehee.

You might say that it is alright with you as you have never experienced any infection or bleeding before. I am telling you right now, IT IS NOT ALRIGHT. Cutting the skin around the nails, although there’s no visible bleeding, still causes the skin to give a grand opening for bacteria and viruses to go inside your system. Yes. Grand. That is because the bacteria and viruses are rejoicing with flowers and party poppers as they happily enter your body. Remember, just because you can’t see the bacteria doesn’t mean it’s not there. I’m not talking about a ghost or any mythical creature. I’m talking about the wound you gave yourself after allowing your skin to be cut. I’m also talking about the microscopic bacteria and viruses you can’t see but are lurking everywhere. On your technician’s tools, your clothes, your gadgets, and even in the air. Unless of course you are cautious enough to always bring a microscope with you to check if nothing goes inside your cut skin. Wouldn’t that be too heavy?

Now, let me ask you, have you ever experienced  hanging skin near the “root” of your nail? Does it hurt? Of course it does! The reason behind that is most likely the severed proximal nail fold from your manicure. When you cut the skin you are cutting living tissue. That’s the reason why your skin popped like that. And if it hurts, that’s because it’s a wound and might already be infected or inflamed. You might be thinking ” Oh, I’ve never tried having any of that.” Okay. That’s good. But have you ever tried having red swollen fingernails at least once? Yes? Then the severed proximal nail fold could be one of the reasons.Swollen and infected fingers can be caused by a lot of things and the procedure I have stated is one of them. Most women experience swollen, infected, and inflamed fingers because of improper manicure procedures.  Bear in mind that not everything is visible to the naked eye and bacteria will always get into your system even through the tiniest opening they see. Should you just wait to be infected by something worse than a simple bacteria?

Infected finger due to the pulling of the hanging nail

You might be cursing me right now and asking me “So what will I do with the dry skin around my nail?” I understand that cutting it is the fastest solution and since you got used to doing it, it might be difficult to turn your back on it and try the slow but safe way to help you. The skin is dry because it lacks moisture. In addition to that, once you have tried cutting the skin around, it will take time for it to come back to its perfectly natural beauty. It will take time, effort, devotion, and a lot of moisturizer, however, I want you to do it for yourself and for your lovely nails and health. Moisturize your hands everyday, including the skin around your nails and your nails, and never again cut the skin around your fingernails. This applies to your toenails too. Moisturize in the morning or before you sleep and, in time, your nails will go back to their normal form. This takes a lot of patience, effort, and like I said, moisturizer. So I am telling you now, START NOW AND NEVER LOOK BACK. 


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Sterilize or Nah?

Most of us women have tried buying the services of individuals who are “skilled”and “knowledgeable” in cleaning our nails or applying some funky or classy nail polish colors on them. Some pay the services offered in nail salons and some pay individuals who offer cheap house to house manicure and pedicure services.

Whenever you walk in a nail salon or while your on call nail technician cleans your nails, you would already be thinking of what nail polish color should you have next on your nails. Will you get a nail art? Maybe you should try the nude colors? Or perhaps be bold and try the loud pastel colors?   These are the thoughts that usually run into your head. But wait. Let me ask you something. Have you ever stopped and asked your nail technician how they sterilize their tools?

OK. So let me just share the things that I know with you because I think that this is a matter that most of us overlook .

There are a lot of diseases that can likely be acquired from nail salons. Surprised? You should not be. Why?  Because the tools used in the salon were not only used on you but also on previous customers and it will most likely be used on succeeding customers as well. Simply put: Most tools used are not disposable and, if not properly cleaned and sterilized, it will transfer bacteria and viruses from one customer to another.

Let me give you an example: HIV. HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system and its a disease that has no definite cure yet up to this day. Most of us think that it can only be acquired by having sexual intercourse with a person who has it. But it can also be transmitted through other body fluids like blood. So say for example, your technician used the tools on a customer who is infected with HIV then accidentally wounded the customer and some blood got into the tool, may it be a nipper or a pusher. If your technician uses the same tool on you and accidentally wounded you as well, the virus that was previously acquired from the previous customer will be transmitted to you and you will unknowingly be infected. Please note that sometimes you will not notice symptoms of these diseases until it’s too late.

Now you may be thinking, “what if my nail technician washes the tools with soap?”. Let me answer that for you. Washing the tools with water and soap won’t completely kill the bacteria or viruses. A percentage of it will still be left and that will be enough for the bacteria or viruses to multiply again and be transmitted to succeeding customers.

Now you might say, “Well, that’s easy. I’ll just make sure my nail technician doesn’t wound me.” The thing is , a lot of us , especially here in the Philippines, still believe that cutting the skin on the sides is still necessary to achieve a perfect manicure or pedicure. But it is not–I will explain this on another blog. How is this relevant to the topic? Cutting the skin creates a wound that, although doesn’t produce blood, will still create an entrance for the bacteria and viruses to go into your system. It’s like you are happily welcoming the bacteria and viruses inside your body with open arms saying “Yes! Welcome! Enjoy your stay inside my body! Feel at home!”. Can you just imagine doing that?

Other diseases like HPV, AIDS, and even athlete’s foot can be easily transferred to you if your technician’s tools are not properly sanitized. Now how can you make sure that the clippers, nippers, pushers, and other reusable tools that are used on you are safe and properly sanitized? Here is a list:

1. Ask your Nail Technician.

Ask your nail technician or the receptionist what methods of sterilization or sanitation do they use to clean their tools. If they say that they only wash their tools using water or soap then I suggest that you politely say “Thank you” with a smile, turn to the door, and leave. Run for your life and never come back.

2. Make sure that they use an AUTOCLAVE or a UV sterilizer.

– AUTOCLAVE. For my beloved readers with any medical backgrounds, high five! Yes! nail salons must have autoclaves too! For those who don’t know what autoclaves are: An autoclave is “an apparatus in which special conditions (as high or low pressure or temperature) can be established for a variety of applications; especially :  an apparatus (as for sterilizing) using steam under high pressure” (merriam webster dictionary definition).

(A Cylindrical autoclave)

Autoclaves are used in hospitals and clinics to sterilize their tools as it is extremely effective in killing microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and even viruses. Again, tools in nail salons have a big possibility of acquiring unwanted bacteria and viruses so using this equipment is highly recommended.

UV Sterilizer. A UV sterilizer is less effective than an autoclave. It only reduces the microorganisms but it doesn’t completely kill them. So personally, I would choose a salon that will give me the lowest percentage of risk of infection.

(UV Sterilizer)

3. Observe you environment

credits to:

-You should be observant of what is happening inside the salon. A clean environment means that there are less bacteria lurking around the place and it would mean that the place is well kept.

4. If all else fails, bring your own tools.

My very own nail tools 😀

– If you cannot find a salon near you that has an autoclave or UV sterilizer, then I would suggest that you bring your own tools. Don’t be afraid to tell your attending technician to use your tools. Even if you are to be judged or branded as a person with OCD, pay no mind. It’s better to be completely safe than to regret later on. If, however, you find a salon that uses an autoclave, maybe you could try and ask them if they could include your tools during one of their sterilization processes for that day. I’m sure they will be happy to oblige. Just make sure you don’t take advantage and bring your tools everyday. They might make you pay. *wink wink*

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